In the Fall of 2016, I was introduced to a man who spent a year living in a dumpster. His name is Jeff Wilson - known around Austin as "Professor Dumpster" - and his new mission is to disrupt housing with a hi-tech, smart microhome company called Kasita.

I joined Kasita as Director of Marketing and led a team to introduce Kasita to the world and redefine what the future of living could look like. We developed a brand strategy and, working in collaboration with our agency partner - Preacher - created a new brand identity. The brand then came to life through photo and video content, a new website, social content, and press outreach all activated to launch the new Kasita at SXSW 2017.

kasita – product – adu
kasita – product – stacked


What if we approached housing like a product? This is the philosophy behind Kasita in its vision to design and mass-manufacturing a home like you would a car or any other product. So we followed that same approach in our brand strategy and set out to create the first global housing brand. The Nike, Apple, or Tesla of housing. A housing brand that would stand for a smart, simple lifestyle and redefine the home for those seeking to Live Lightly.

kasita – brand – sq1
kasita – brand – sq2
kasita – brand – sq3
kasita – wide – neon
kasita – sxsw wide 2 – posters


A lot of life can happen in a small footprint. Our goal was to breathe life into the Kasita and allow viewers to imagine what their day-to-day could be like inside a microhome. We created six personas and shot photo and video content over two days of production. We even created a 3D VR walk thru of the unit. The part you don't see - just beyond the frame, the Kasita was still being assembled around us in the days racing up to our big launch.

kasita – lifestyle1
kasita – lifestyle2
kasita – lifestyle3


With a new Kasita brand and product, we needed a new website where people could learn all about the innovative microhome and get inspired to see themselves living the Kasita lifestyle. Within a matter of weeks, we created all content for the site, designed and developed it (with a team working around the globe), and launched at 3:00am on the first day of SXSW... Just in time to start taking reservations.


To introduce the Kasita prototype and brand to the public, we chose to launch at SXSW 2017 with the Kasita Light House - five straight days of events that invited the public to tour the Kasita and hang out in our pop-up community on the East Side of Austin. We welcomed hundreds of attendees, grew and engaged our social audience, got global press coverage, and were considered among the top launches of the year.

kasita – press outlets
kasita – sxsw square – teaser
kasita – sq lamps
kasita – sxsw swag
kasita – sxsw wide – night
kasita – sxsw wide – crowd


We created an ongoing series of video content to keep fans of Kasita informed of the evolution of the product. This included an updated brand manifesto, updated product videos, and teaser social content. 

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