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While living in Brooklyn, I noticed the landscape shifting around me. The city I moved to for artistic experimentation and a “color outside the lines” attitude was quickly being replaced by restrictive rules and million-dollar luxury condos. As I see it, this resulting erosion in culture is best illustrated by the Showtime dancers who I always thought best embodied the carefree New York spirit… But who will now get arrested if they’re caught dancing on the subway.

Our film “EROSION” is a poetic expression of this changing landscape of Brooklyn and the resulting loss of culture. This was a personal project and a labor of love – Shot on free weekends and weekdays over the course of five months. With no budget – but a generous donation of time and equipment from Tim Sessler and other collaborators – our small two-man crew begged, borrowed, and stole every shot to create the video you see here… 

EROSION is a short film by Brandon Bloch, Tim Sessler and Brandon Bray – starring Dayrome “Bad Day” Wright, Kester “Flexx” Estephane, Anthony “Laiden” John and Makaveli Qu. Read more about our filming process on our blog:

erosion – sq1
erosion – sq2
erosion – sq3
erosion – wide1
erosion – wide2
erosion – sq4
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erosion – sq6

Directors: Brandon Bloch & Tim Sessler
Director of Photography: Tim Sessler
Editor: Brandon Bray
Music: “Black Dress” by Insightful
Additional Camera: Fernando Ortega & Brandon Bloch
Assistant Camera: Drew English
Aerial Cinematography: Brooklyn Aerials
Phantom Tech: Jeff Levin
Phantom Assistant: Rocco

Special Thanks
Variable: Tyler Ginter, Jon Bregel & Paige Demarco
Willy and his 3,000 pigeons
Bolek Ryzinski & William Reue
New York City
Cindy Kay
DECADE: Bailey Skiles
Michael Cirino + Peter Droste
Autumn Brookmire
Amber Brookmire
Forrest S. Brookmire
Kelly Ferraro
Alyssa Brown
Mia Montgomery
Brooklyn Montgomery


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