My Gulf [Series]

What did I do this summer? The best way to explain is by sharing this series of videos with you…

We road tripped along the Gulf Coast, exploring some of the most beautiful parts of the country, experiencing the culture, eating amazing food, and meeting some exceptional characters. For a total of 18 days we traveled throughout Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. We searched for the best stories and characters we could find… people who depend on the Gulf and interact with it on a daily basis.

Our small team consisted of myself (Directing and Shooting), Fernando Ortega (Shooting), and our agency producer (Being Awesome). Armed with two Canon 7Ds and a Sony F3 (plus a few other toys) we documented the whole experience to create a series of 20 videos we call “My Gulf”.

The series was commissioned by BP in support of the recovery of the region following last year’s oil spill. Though I wasn’t sure what to expect at the start of this experience, I was amazed to discover a region recovering really well. And along the way, I met some of the most hard-working and good-natured people I’ve ever met, each interacting with the Gulf in their own unique way. I felt privileged I was able to help document their culture and tell their stories.

Produced by an amazing team at Ogilvy PR
Director: Brandon Bloch
Director of Photography: Fernando Ortega
Second Shooter: Brandon Bloch
Editor & Story Craftsman: Caleb Stewart

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  • Nancye Sumrall 10.20.2011

    Stuck north of the salt line and am so homesick for my gulf coast. Mobile girl raised in Orange Beach, lived in New Orleans and married one of those handsome Pascagoula boy s 28 years ago. My son is in Nola and my heart is in the salt water. Thank you for bringing our Real culture to film. Not just the obvious tourisst crap. Thanks again!

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