Elevation: Fluid Ballet

To showcase it’s most ambitious project to date – a $12M townhouse in Greenwich Village – William Reue Architecture wanted to do more than just take static photos of empty rooms. I was approached with the challenge of creating a film that highlighted the space in an artistic way. In collaboration with a rising-star choreographer, Sean Roschman, and a dedicated team of dancers, we crafted an emotional performance to bring the space to life. Then, working with a trusted camera crew, led by DP genius Tim Sessler, we captured the performance in a fluid single-take style. The final film puts the viewer in the position of a fourth dancer, moving around and through the space on a journey that far exceeds your typical real estate tour.

BTS - elevation

Executive Producer: William Reue
Director: Brandon Bloch
Choreographer: Sean Roschman
Director of Photography: Tim Sessler
Dancers: Jon Cooper, Megan Dickinson, Oscar Carrillo
Producer: Jennifer A. Wong
Editor: Michael R. Mazur
Gaffer: Fernando Ortega
Hair & Makeup: Sokphalla Ban
Featuring: “Iguazu” by Hays Holladay
© 2015 William Reue Architecture // © 2015 FILMMASON, Inc.

Monday, July 20th, 2015. Filed under: Projects

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