Clinton Van Gemert embodies the Brooklyn spirit better than anyone I know. As a multi-talented artist and craftsman, you’ll find him putting up wheatpaste posters or playing music on a subway platform.

For his new business – BROOKLYNTERIORS – Clint is bringing the wheatpaste aesthetic indoors as handmade wallpaper. I collaborated with Clint to create the launch video for his new business in a way that pays homage to the step-by-step assembly-line process that goes into wallpapering a room.

The process of screenprinting, hanging the paper to dry, pasting it onto a wall – it all has a rhythm to it. Clint being a musician means his metronome and upright bass was sitting nearby. We recorded the natural sounds of the screenprinting process, and some simple bass melody, and layered it onto the timeline to create a fun, rhythmic piece to introduce BROOKLYNTERIORS to the world.

BTS - bklynteriors

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014. Filed under: Projects