The Big Easy Haircut

On a recent production trip to New Orleans, our crew found itself looking for something to do after our video shoot was postponed by rain.

Driving through the Garden District, our silver-maned DP, Fernando, spotted a barber shop and mentioned that he could probably use a good haircut. I guess he was looking a bit scruffy after a few months in Ecuador.

With a van full of camera equipment and a crew eager to shoot something, we decided we couldn’t just let Fernando enjoy a fine haircut while we sat idly by. Let’s shoot this thing!

We jumped out of the van, with two 7Ds in hand, and burst through the door of the unsuspecting Barber Shop asking if we could not only get a haircut, but also document the whole process. The answer from the accommodating staff was a resounding “uhh… I don’t see why not”.

The incomparable Tim Sessler and I spent the next twenty minutes in an improvisational two-camera shoot – trying not to get in each other’s way – while our skillful barber trimmed up Fernando to the tunes of New Orleans’ own Little Freddy King playing on the shop radio.

It was the perfect antidote to our rainy day blues and a great way to experience a slice of New Orleans culture.


Shot By: Brandon Bloch & Tim Sessler
Cut By: Brandon Bloch
Featuring: Fernando Ortega as “The Silver Fox”
Thanks to: Henry Fernandez (for going along with the plan 😉
Music: “Fox Hunt” by Little Freddie King (Support New Orleans local music – )

An Extra Special Thanks to The Magazine Street Barber Shop and its staff –

Friday, May 4th, 2012. Filed under: Projects